Project Fit /Take baby steps… I want to do this with you…let’s do it together!

Project Fit

Hello Beauties,

I have started something new this morning, a new idea.  It’s call  Project Fit.

WAIT WAIT WAIT ! I am not part of any project fit movement that you see on TV or anything!  My project fit is based on choices…nothing more…

We all know that beauty goes beyond makeup, perfect groomed eyebrows, and beautiful hair… we also know that fitness and staying in shape is a big part of  staying beautiful and youthful…

Today, I do not want to focus on beauty , I want to focus on staying fit for all the right reasons.  Sometimes we tend to compete with others; try to look as good as others;  or to please society …. NON SENSE!.   First, love your body, love yourself, I don’t really care if you are fat, skinny, or in the middle…I don’t care if you are short or tall or in the middle…. if you are a good person you are truly beautiful to me.

The second thing I want everyone to realize; specially all my beautiful ladies that struggle with confidence and weight issues; is that you do not have to compete with anyone;  don’t try to look like those girls on TV or magazines or even your hot neighbor, because that sort of competition will make you anxious, nervous and causing you to potentially overeat.  Also,  please please please don’t try to be fit to impress you boyfriend or your girlfriend;  if they love you,  they will take you the way you are, and most likely if it not a long term relationship, your fitness will not be long term either….

Instead; stay focused, focused on yourself, or your health…. Do it for you !  to feel healthy, beautiful and confident… if you do it for the right reasons you WILL be successful.

Don’t diet…Eat Well 

Another big issue that I must address ; eating habits ….

Listen, I myself am overweight by about 60lbs, the reason I have started  this PROJECT FIT; was not to just motivate you…it was also to motivate me and keep me on track.  I struggle with my weight and with motivation to eat healthy and exercise, as do some of you out there. I tried dieting before, and it failed every time…. and you know what?! after so many fails I realized what I was doing wrong! I tried to change all my BAD HABITS at once; NO BUENO!

You see… you must change your habits, specially eating habits gradually …one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time.

Consider this statement written  by : Glen Craig

“Most of us can’t do a 180 degree shift to our lives.  What is possible is to take one small change and implement it into your life and make it a new habit.  Once that habit is a normal routine in your life you can move to another habit.  We can take this concept and apply it to eating healthy.  Find one aspect of your eating and work it into a new habit.  Know that it can take 3-4 weeks before a new habit becomes an everyday routine!”

You MUST read the full article here:

Take baby steps… I want to do this with you…let’s do it together!

Most of us have a hard time  staying committed to a diet and to routine exercising, let’s face it ...It’s hard; but we can do it together.   Change one habit at a time, pick one healthy choice a day for two weeks , then pick two more healthy choices a day  for another two weeks… every two weeks keep going up on the number of healthy choices you make in a day.

Keeping a Journal is recommended by fitness experts everywhere;  it’s essential to track you progress and keep you motivated, and for most of us;  who work, go to school and take care of children; we tend to forget to add or keep a journal…. BUT! There is a better way to track it and keep a log of you healthy choices “SOCIAL NETWORKING”  YES!

I want you to join me in PROJECT FIT…. every day post your pictures of the healthy choices you make on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram or your Blog or even my Blog…. Tag me on it @diariesofinspiringbeauty and use hash tag #projectfit… this will help you track your results, and since most of us go on the net everyday, this should be an easy way to keep your log. ( I will do this with you).

I am so looking forward to seeing all of your healthy choice pictures and your results.

Stay Focused, stay strong, commit and be happy.

Watch these Important helpful videos!

Thank you all for reading

Your Beauty is Inspiring !

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