Hairstyles for “Back to School”! (girls)

Back to School ” is fast approaching, and we want all of our little ones and our teens to look their best and rock their new hairstyles; and let’s face it teens love to show off.  So , I’ve been brainstorming some styles that are suitable for back to school. These styles have been around forever and never go out of fashion..




A messy bun is never, ever out of style. It’s fast, easy and it looks cute and relaxed…. I love how cute it looks on Selena Gomez…. If you have medium to short hair a messy bun may be a great look for the first day of school Watch this YouTube Tutorial to learn how to make an awesome Messy BUN .


Voluminous Ponytail

The Voluminous ponytail is another  hairstyle and is never out of fashion and it looks beautifully. If you have long hair this may be a great style for you. Make sure you have some hairspray and a teasing brush at hand ( you’ll need it ).  To learn how to make a voluminous ponytail watch the video below.


Messy Side Braid

Another great back to school look is the Messy Side Braid…. It’s quick and it’s super easy to make. All you need is some hair spray, teasing brush and some hairbands or elastics… To learn how to make a messy braid Watch the Video Below



To give your hair some volume and bounce and a new edge, you might want to make some bangs… Bangs work great if you are doing the braid hairstyle, the Messy Bun or if you simply wear it loose (like in the picture), you can also choose to do some nice quick curls and let your hair loose … Watch the video below to learn how to wear bangs.



I think it’s wonderful how Selena Gomez looks great with long or short hair.. If you have short hair this Selena Gomez look will look wonderful, sweet and totally adorable. Bellow you can see a few videos that will give some great ideas for your short hair !



Add some soft curls at the ends of your hair for a beautiful and soft look…  Watch this video to learn how


These are just some of the amazing things that you can do with your hair … Always remember when using hot tools to apply a heat protecting  spray,  Give your hair a hot oil treatment once in a while, and use a comb when your hair is wet.

To see more hairstyles for back to school you can search YouTube for many many more ideas.

ALSO….here’s something you’ll need ; a guide of hairstyles for when you are late in the morning!

Thank you all for reading ! Ask any questions below!

Your Beauty is Inspiring!

Note: Videos and images are not mine , all content was obtained through Google images and YOU TUBE.. If you see your image or your video and would like it removed , contact me ASAP..


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